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 OTHER GAMES                          
 Chivalry and Sorcery items from Judges Guild
 Code  Item
 JG250  Gamemaster's Shield
 Code  Item
 JG890  Magebird Quest
 JG900  Heroes and Villains
 JG930  Star Silver Trek
 Empire of the Petal Throne
 Code  Item
 JG540  Nightmare Maze of Jigresh
 Code  Item
 JG107  Broken Tree Inn
 JG116  Hellpits of Night Fang
 JG170  Runequest Shield
 JG220  Legendary Duck Tower and Other Tales
 JG310  City of Lei Tabor
 JG380  Duck Pond
 Superhero 2044
 Code  Item
 JG430  Hazard Campaign Map
 Tunnels and Trolls
 Code  Item
 JG0400  Toughest Dungeon in the World
 JG0850  Rat on a Stick
 JG1180  Jungle of Lost Souls
 Villains and Vigilante
 Code  Item
 JG580  Break in at Three Kilometer Island