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The Judges Guild Journal Value packs contains over 670 pages of fantasy and science Fiction role playing articles. Included are 19 complete adventures, 25 New magic items, 30 new Monsters and over 260 role playing on subjects such as Scrolls, new Melee Systems, Gameing,Random monstor tables,New game reviews, Cults and many Science fiction articles and Fiction Serials.

The Judges Guild Journal Value pack contains journals I,J,K,M,O,P,Q,R,S,T,12-21 and as an added feature Dungeoneer Journal 25.

 JG??-Judges Guild Journal Value pack

Journals I
Journals J
Journals K
Journals M
Journals O
Journals P
Journals Q
Journals R
Journals S
Journals T
Journals 12
Journals 13
Journals 14
Journals 15
Journals 16
Journals 17
Journals 18
Journals 19
Journals 20
Dungeoneer Journal 25.

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