Limited Edition Packs-D&D


By the end of 1982, JG had accumulated large overstocks of some items. In order to free up some space (and get some hardly needed money!), Judges Guild offered a handful of packages at $15 each.

JG1021-(D&D) Fantasy Game Aide Pack
JG1022-(D&D) Fantasy Adventure Pack
JG1023-(D&D) Fantasy Campaign Booster Pack
JG1024-(D&D/AD&D) Fantasy Campaign Pack
JG1025-(AD&D) Treasure Pack
JG1026-(AD&D) Adventure Module Pack
If you have one or more of these packs in your posesion and it is still sealed, maybe you should think of leaving it that way as there amy not be many left that are still sealed.

Dungeons & Dragons:
Fantasy Game Aide Pack, 3740 copies. Contains items #14,34,52,67,113,420.
Fantasy Adventure Pack, 2100 copies. Contains items #71,102,270, 300, 320.
Fantasy Campaign Booster Pack,1000 copies.Contains items#27,61,63,92,111, 118.
Fantasy campaign pack,???? copies.Contains items#48,#55,#80,#93,#108

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons:
Treasure Pack, 2500 copies. Contains items #87, 109, 560, 630, 750, 770.
Adventure Module Pack, 1000 copies. Contains items #114,260,460,570,650, 660, 670.

Fantasy Game Aide Pack
Fantasy Adventure Pack
Fantasy Campaign Booster Pack
Fantasy campaign pack
Treasure Pack

Adventure Module Pack

 Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??)

Auction History

Game Aid Pack: SW: $20.50 (12/00), SW: $33.00 (2/01), SW: $66.00 (3/01),SW: $26.00 (3/01),SW:$67.00 (3/01), SW: $20.59 (4/01), SW:$33.00(4/01)

Adventure Pack: SW: $21.95 (1/01), SW: $20.50 (1/01), SW: $32.85(3/01), SW:$102.50(3/01), SW: $56.00 (4/01), SW:$18.50(4/01)

Campaign Pack: SW: $5.00 (1/01), SW: $47.51 (2/01), SW: $47.75(3/01), SW:$67.50(3/01), SW: $20.50 (4/01), SW:$17.50 (4/01)