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Four (blank) 17"x22" numbered hex-grid sheets, printed on both sides of high-quality brown pebble-grain stock for a total of eight grids. These are ideal for use by the Judge in creating his own wilderlands, and may be used for the standard D&D 5-mile wilderness hex. The sheets are printed in the same size as our standard Judges Guild City State campaign maps of the wilderland, so that the Judges may expand their works as they desire. Printed with a double-burning process, half-tones, these are very large (34 hexes long and 52 wide) and can be used for anything in any gaming system; they are as versatile and useful to the wargamer as notebook filler is to a student. Colored pencils and felt-tipped pens work beautifully on this surface and will not soak through.

Scan supplied by Roberta Kei Tyler

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1st Printing:(19??)


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Wilderlands Hex Sheets (SW)

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