JG250-Gamemaster's Shield    By                    

Two 11"x25" sturdy cardstock sheets printed both sides in easy-reading black and red ink. All the combat, magic, monster charts and statistics are carefully abstracted and arranged in the usual Judges Guild efficiency enhancing manner. Colored lines and halftone patterns make it easy to find the required information at a glance.Designed for use with the Chivalry and Sorcery gameing system.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??)


Auction History

SW: $5.50 (1/01), SW:$2.75(3/01), SW:$1.25 (4/01), SW:$4.00(4/01), SW:$0.50 (5/01), SW:$1.00 (5/01)

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Gamemaster's Shield