JG930-Star Silver Trek  By Diane Mortimer & Bill Pixley        


High in the Barren Hill, over the Falls of Valusha, it is rumored, lies the fabled Star Silver Lode. Now, with danger threatening, your Dwarven Clan has sent you and your seven stout-hearted friends to seek out that hoped-for treasure lode. Can your party but return with enough Star Silver, the cunning smiths of the Clan will forge such mighty weapons that your Clan will have an overwhelming advantage in the threatening strife. Go quickly, now! The cry of the Raven on the night wind warns that the enemy may also have heard of the lode and may be, even now, stealing it away! Set in the Frontiers of Alusia campaign map, this 48-page adventure scenario provides monsters, encounters, and suggested player-characters as well as a suggested new skill. Designed and approved for use with Dragonquest.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

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1st Printing:(1982)


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Star Silver Trek