JG170-Runequest Shield  By                          


Two large 11"x17" sheets of cardstock printed in red and black on buff for no-glare reading at a distance. All the charts and tables necessary to play the Runequest combat system are printed here in large size rearranged to aid play efficiency. All those Tables necessary for the Players are printed on one side, and all the Tables and Reference Material necessary for the Judge are printed on the other. Appropriate page numbers are given to speed reference to the rules othose few occasions the Shild information is insufficient. The tables are based upon the just released Runequest 2 and included information from the Cults of Prax. The sheets are designed to fit together to form a screen concealing the Judge's confidential information, secret die rolls, etc.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(1980)


Auction History

G:$5.50(4/01), SW:$5.00(6/01)

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Runequest Shield