JG710-Amycus Probe  By Dave Sering


This 32-page adventure is the first in the "Border Prowler Series" set in the Gateway Quadrant. The basis of the scenario is a commando raid for information on an unkown installation. Complete personnel and equipment statistics are given for ships, Assault Shuttles, and opposition forces. This product is designed to serve as an introductory scenario to campaign gaming and provides a complete set of pre-generated characters.Also included is a scoring system for evaluating performance in tournament play. the same people and equipment are to be used throughout the entire series. New Equipment featured in the series includes the 40 ton armored Assalt Shuttle, and the 1000 ton Border Prowler Class Ship. All maps and encounter tables are provided for the judge. Created and Approved for use with Traveller.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

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1st Printing:1981


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Amycus Probe