JG730-Simba Safari By Dave Sering


This adventure scenario contains a 32-page Guidebook and a 22" x 34" double-sided Map Sheet. Set in the Ley Sector of the Gateway Quadrant, the adventure features the "Simba Safari" and crew. Complete 15mm plans of the Type K Hunter Ship are uncluded, as is a 15mm scale plan of the adventure site. The crew and passengers range across the planets of the Diamond - prince Subsector in search of trophies and adventure. Six planets are provided in detail along with all terrain and animal charts. the scenario is completely detailed for the Judge, and suggestions are given for personalizing the adventure to suit the tone of his or her campaign. This adventure may be completely self-contained and use only the provided characters, or players may utilize their own characters. Created and Approved for use with Traveller.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information

1st Printing:(1981) 30 page booklet.


Auction History

VG:$1.00(4/01), G:$4.76(4/01), G:$4.76(5/01)

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Simba Safari