JG740-Port O' Call: Tarlkin's Landing   By Dave Sering


A completely detailed spaceport and town out on the active fringes of adventure, this campaign aid comprises a 48-page book and a 22"x34" double-sided Map Sheet. Designed to serve as an initial starter scenario, this product gives a firm base for starting out a team of adventurers on the proverbial shoestring. Opportunities for both legitimate and ilegal profits are present. All buildings and installations are completely mapped in 15mm scale for use with miniatures or counters. This is the first in a series of products which are designed to be utilized with all science fiction role-playing systems.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

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1st Printing:(19??)


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M/SW: $4.95 (4/01)

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Port O' Call