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Boxed game containing 3 full-color geomorphic maps, 400 counters, and 32-page rules book. The game is a tactical-level simulation of infantry combat in the far future. While the game is self-contained, it was designed for use with sci-fi campaign and the resolving of battles in them. The easy-to-learn rules cover the basics of any wargame such as movement and fire, flight, night combat, dropping powered infantry from starships, and much more. Also included are rules covering the raising and maintaining of units in a campaign along with 11 scenarios.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(1982)


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EX:$9.00 (6/01),SW:$11.50(6/01)

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Imperial Infantry Squad

Rule Book

Geomorphic map 1

Geomorphic map 2

Geomorphic map 3