JG12-City State of the Invincible Overlord By


The original edition of the JG campaign. Set includes: 34"x44" map of City State, Players map of City State, 40 page game guide, 11"x13" map of Thunderhold, Two rules booklets, Ten dungeon levels.

Full Explanation of contents:
Guide to the City State - Background for a Fantastic Medieval City with Rules, Rumors & Renegades (56 pages of mostly street by street information)
Guidelines Booklet I - additional charts, rules and background data for the City State (16 pages)
Judge's Map of the City State - 34x44 (4 mapsheets)
Player's Map of the City State -17x22

Thunderhold - Castle of the Dwarven King:
Guidelines Booklet J - additional charts, rules and background data for Thunderhold and the Sunstone Caverns (12 pages)
DM's Thunderhold Map - 11x17 w/ Sunstone Caverns Map on reverse
Player's Thunderhold Map - 8.5x11

I-5 Dungeon Levels
J-4 Dungeon Levels

These may have been sold seperatly.
JG10-Guide to the City State
JG3-Guidelines Booklet I
JG16-Guidelines Booklet J

Information supplied by Eric Trimble.

Printing Information

1st Printing:(1976) small booklet form. ?

2nd Printing:(1977) colour cover. ?

3rd Printing:(1978) glossy cover. ?

4th Printing:(1980) glossy cover. ?

There may not have been 4 printings, but sources suggest there where.

Auction History

Box set: G: $36.00 (3/01), G: $42.75 (4/01), VG:$51.01 (5/01), M:$20.00(6/01)

Guide: G:$15.05 (3/01)

Booklet I:G:$33.55(6/01)

Booklet J:G:$24.99(6/01)

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City State (cover sheet)

Guide to the City State

Guidelines Booklet I

Guidelines Booklet J