JG37-First Fantasy Campaign    By Dave Arneson


By Dave Arneson, co-author of Dungeons & Dragons. Two 17"x22" maps (one for players, one for the Judge) showing wilderness around the famous Blackmoor Castle, and a giant 64-page booklet detailing the assorted baronies, citadels, leaders histories and development of the original fantasy role-playing campaign, and the entire Blackmoor Dungeon as Judged by Arneson. The maps are printed on high-quality brown pebble-grain stock, designed to last a long time. Herein are many new guidelines on lair generation, character interests and vocations (hunting, farming, fishing, trapping, etc.), the resources and manpower of the various feudal holdings and nomadic hordes of this landmark in wargaming, and much more. Carefully mapped are the twelve levels of Blackmoor Dungeon beneath the five levels of Blackmoor Castle, the village of Blackmoor, the home of Mello the Halfling, and the tower of Svenson's Freehold.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??)


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G:$10.50(3/01), VG:$20.50(5/01), EX: $20.50(5/01), G:$34.00 (5/01)

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First Fantasy Campaign