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A 64-page booklet with 50 pages of maps on various fortifications, every type from solitary spires and wooden stockades to massive fortress and walled cities. These are excellent for siege, intrigue, and other adventures by the players. Included are six pages of tables for generating wall thickness, height, composition and features, towers, moat creatures, garrisons, trebuchets and other engines onthe walls, retainers, servants, leaders, followers and more. The castles are mapped on light gray hex grids, suitable for changes by the Judge with colored felt-tipped markers. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, approved for use with D&D.

Printing Information

1st Edition:(1978) Cover has castle with woman in foreground, pages 61 and 62 advertise a handful of early Judges Guild releases with photos of the old covers.

2nd Edition:(19??) Cover shows castle with road over bridge.colour insert)

3rd Edition:(19??) Colour insert. ?


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Castle Book 1(1st)

Castle Book 1(2nd)