JG66-Sea Steads and Wave Riders   By Dave Sering


Two 28.5"x22" sheets, each present deck plans of twenty different ships, small craft and equipment from Viking longships to dugout canoes. These are detailed right down to the wood graining in the individual deck planks; nail heads and rope ply of the riggin are visible in a truely fine work of art. The ships are hex-gridded in 25mm scale for use with miniatures. Included is a 32-page booklet with extensive technical descriptions, historical information on the cultures which used the various craft and equipment, and other gaming aids. These are suitable for use with any medieval or fantasy role-playing system currently in print, and ideal for campaign Judges wishing to expand their gaming horizons into maritime traffic and trade, and ram-and-cutlass naval warfare.


Printing Information

1st Edition:(1978) Cover has a ship on a white background. Ship is done in black, red, and blue.Comes with two mapsheets showing ship floorplans.

2nd Edition:(19??) Cover is supposed to be blue, and the release comes without maps.


Auction History

1st: G:$6.00(6/01)

2nd: NM:$9.99(3/01)

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Sea Steads and Wave Riders(1st)

Sea Steads and Wave Riders(2nd)