JG68-WarCry (miniature rules)  By Dave Petrowsky


A set of miniatures rules including reference charts, pull-out gaming aids, and figure set-up and construction guide suitable for battles ranging from the ancient era through the Middle Ages, sumulated with 25mm miniatures. Included are extensive rules on the siege engines of medieval artillery, and their effects on both field formations and fortified positions, plus moral rules, simplified missle fire and melee, extremely quick and easy-to-use combat modifiers, point values of the different troop types to prepare even sides for competition, priority targets for missile fire, and much more. This is a basic 32-page set of simple rules which emphasizes action and quick resolution, affording a balance of simplicity and realism, fighting out a full-fledges battle will take less time than with most rules sets, yet results are practical and believable.


Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??) Cover shows a Roman soldier with red plumes on his helmet.

2nd Edition:(1981) Two soldiers on horses cover.


Auction History

2nd: SW:$1.00(6/01), G:$2.00(6/01)

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WarCry (1st)

WarCry (2nd)