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This is a set of four of the 28x5"x22.5"charts from Sea Steads and Wave Riders for a total of eighty items. Here are longships, war galleys, merchants, log rafts, dugout canoes, harbor lighters, barges, deck siege engines and more. The charts are printed in brown on high-quality tan stock, and form a highly detailed playing aid for use in 25mm miniatures simulations of boarding actions, catapult warfare, mutinies, and other battles and adventures, suitable for use with any medieval or fantasy rules system that includes the use of 25mm figures. The charts are hex-gridded for simplicty of movement of the figures. They are finely detailed, right down to the woodgrain of the deck planking, the nail heads and rigging lines can be seen. The charts are extremely versatile for gaming. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.


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1st Printing:(19??)


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Flotilla One