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This 64-page booklet contains 48 pages of interior layouts of various Temples. These are excellent for use with scenarios where you have players encountering religious groups in their own Temples or for use as the main theme of you scenario. The Temples are mapped on light grey square grids, suitable for changes by the Judge with felt-tipped markers. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System

May have 2nd printing or 1st print sold in 2 parts:
Temple Book 1-The Dungeoneer Journal #24
Temple Book 2-The Dungeoneer Journal #25

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1st Printing:(19??)


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1st: M:$8.50 (3/01), M:$8.50 (4/01), VG:$5.00 (4/01), EX:$5.00 (5/01), SW:$5.95 (5/01)

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Temple Book I