JG550-Field Guide to Encounters Vol1&11    By Dragon's Byte


Composed of two 96-page volumes with a new set of rules for fantasy role-playing. Character statistics, classes, and abilities are included in the first volume, along with melee and psionic combat tables and provisions for godhood. Add to all this are 612 familiar and not-so-familiar Monsters, complete with statistics for them and their environments.

Was originally announced as the Marvelous Mystic Missive of Mighty Meek and Magical Monsters(image taken from the booty list found at the back of Nightmare Maze of Jigresh). Whether these books were actually released under that name is unknown.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information                                                                    

1st Printing:(19??)

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SW:$2.01(4/01), M:$15.50(4/01)

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Field Guide to Encounters Vol1

Field Guide to Encounters Vol11