JG690-Masters of Mind    By Charles Wilson


Masters of Mind is a detailed rules set for psionic combat. The rules include initial character talents and how to develop those talents, as well as attack and defense modes for combat. All 80 pages are full of charts, tables, and rules, plus examples of combat given for clear reading and comprehension. A must for fantaasy role playing! Supplement.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information                                                                     

1st Printing:(1981) 96 pages.


Auction History

M/SW:$6.50 (4/01), M/SW:$5.51(4/01), G:$5.95(4/01), NM/SW:$3.25 (6/01), EX:$4.99(6/01)

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Masters of Mind