JG790-F'dechFo's Tomb    By Scott Fulton


The action is crammed into this 16-page fantasy adventure module. An ancient prophet fortold of the rising from the pits of Hell of the dead and buried Druid, F'deck Fo, and of the devastation he would bring on the descendants of his people. The time-worn prophecy is reaching for fulfillment; the curse must be reversed and destroyed. You must march to the Tomb, enter, and end the unholy evil residing there. This product contains multiple adventures, new and horrifying creatures, a strong fortress, and a completely described barbarian village.

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information                                                                     

1st Printing:(19??)


Auction History

M: $5 (3/01), G:$3.24 (5/01), EX:$4.25(6/01)

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F'dechFo's Tomb