JG840-Prey of Darkness   By Edward R.G. Mortimer


Prey of Darkness is a Universal Playing aid which details a force of brigands and their advisors, followers, and slaves. Each of the brigands has a price on his or her head. You have been charged with their capture! Can you bring them back to face trial alive, or must you kill them in order to collect the reward? Can you even survive the attempt? Send your heroes and heroines in search of Red Honohon and Black M'Dabb. This scenario can also be used for evil characters who need manpower to accomplish their goals. Join Red and Black in their endeavors to become rich and powerful. Become a brigand and terrorize the countryside! Challenge Red and Black for the leadership of the brigand force! All this and more await you!

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information                                                                        

1st Printing:(1982)


Auction History

SW:$7.17(3/01), G:$3.99(5/01), SW:$3.00(6/01)

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Prey of Darkness