JG860-Wraith Overlord   By Scott Futton


TERROR BENEATH THE CITY - Danger lurks below! Beneath the City State of the Invincible Overlord lies a maze of tunnels and sewers populated by criminals, fugitives, and a host of strange creatures. This massive product includes many NPCs, multiple underground areas to be explored, and several new monsters. This module contains a 112-page book and a huge, 22"x34" map, with maps and text figured down to the last detail for the most exacting Judge. Wraith Overlord is an absolute must for anyone campaigning in the City State. A supplement to the original City State of the Invincible Overlord.


Printing Information                                                                      

1st Printing:(19??)


Auction History

SW: $10.59 (2/01), VG:$10.00 (3/01), NM:$26.00 (3/01), SW:$56.00 (4/01), SW: $20.00 (4/01), SW:$11.50 (6/01)

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Wraith Overlord