JG910-Corsairs of Tallibar   By Mike Wilson


The Corsairs of Talibar were one of the most feared bands of pirates that ever sailed the Nydar Sea. Nearly 75 years have passed since any captain has quailed at the sight of that dreaded band at his bow. Were they defeated in some unknown battle or swallowed up by the sea. Find out in this 48-page adventure. Contains 3 maps, 1 new monster, encounter tables, and 6 pre-generated adventurers for use. This adventure is for 6-10 adventurers from 1st to 3rd level. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.


Printing Information                                                                      

1st Printing:(1982) 48 pages.


Auction History

EX:$5.50(2/01), M:$5(3/01), M/SW:$13.29(4/01), NM:$4.00(4/01), NM:$3.50(4/01), M:$5.00(5/01), G:$1.00 (5/01)

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Corsairs of Tallibar