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The fourth book in the "Wilderness Series". This exciting, fun-packed module brings to life part of JG's Campaign Map 1. Numerous wilderness, village, and dungeon maps, complete with fascinating descriptions are crammed into this 48-page fantasy adventure! Beware the ancient sewers beneath the conflict-torn village; the Undead and their master lurk there! What makes the fearsome River Pirates different from their sea brethren? Is it blind hatred for the Invincible Overlord or the all-consuming lust for treasure? All these and many more fascinating endeavors await you in The Pirates of Hagrost! A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.


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1st Printing:(19??)


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SW:$7(3/01), M:$5.25(3/01), EX:$20.50(5/01), SW:$20.50(5/01)

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Pirates of Hagrost