JG1130-Druids of Doom By Bill Pixley & Diane Mortimer


The House of Euklidies, a temple to Astokph the Diety of Travel and Transporter of the Dead, is asking for a group of adventurers to recover three lost magical items of the temple. Adventures must pass through the portal and enter the Druid's Keep to recover them. Contains 6 maps, 5 new monsters, and over 60 NPCs. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.

Working title was The House of Euklidies, the title was dropped before the release.


Printing Information                                                                      

1st Printing:(1982)


Auction History

NM:$3.00(4/01), G:$3.51 (5/01), VG:$4.99(6/01)

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Druids of Doom