JG1140-Demons of Dundurn By Derek Watson


1st part in the "Rood of Parth series".An eerie silence greeted the dawn at Riverside House the morning after the wedding feast of Arnulf and Gunda. As the day wore on concerned villagers appealed to Oskine to gather some of the guests at the Feathered Serpent Inn and investigate. Oskine instructed the group of guests to proceed ahead and said he would join them later. The guests crossed the empty threshold to discover. A Judges Guild Universal Fantasy Supplement.

3000 copies were printed.


Printing Information                                                                     

1st Printing:(19??)


Auction History

SW: $2.35 (2/01), SW: $6.00 (3/01), SW: $10.50 (2/01), EX: $3.75 (3/01), SW: $1.50 (3/01), SW: $2.00 (3/01), SW:$7.17 (3/01), NM:$3.75(4/01), EX:$4.99(6/01)

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Demons of Dundurn