We have a special update today, the 1st print of both JG68-WarCry and JG80-Of Skulls
and Scrap Faggot Green, aswell as several others. As usual there are alot of Auction prices that
have been added.

Universal fantasy:
JG12-City State of the Invincible Overlord - Cover Sheet small scan
JG62-Revised City State of the Invincible Overlord -3rd printing small scan
JG68-WarCry- 1st printing Large/small scan
JG80-Of Skulls and Scrap Faggot Green - 1st printing Large/small scan
JG111-Mines of Custalcon - 1st printing Large/small scan
JG330-Tancred- Large scan
JG730-Simba Safari- Large scan
JG19-Huberic of Haghill-players- Large scan
JG31-Modron Map-Players- Large scan
Limited Edition:
JG1050-Adventure Campaign Pack- Large scan
JG1051-Campaign Booster Pack - Large scan
JG1052-Campaign Gam eAide Pack - Large scan
JG1053-Campaign Pack - Large scan
Misc Items:
Envelopes - New Page
1981 JudgesGuild-Portly Pomp catalog -Large/small scan
1982 JudgesGuild-White Wolf Catalog -Large/small scan
1983 catalog - Large/small scan


Lots of updates this time includeing many auction prices, I am also looking for Judges guild related advertisments that can be found in magazines from the 70'-80' eg. dragon,Dungeon etc.I
have also removed the link/page for maps-packet as i have since found that this was a collection of maps being sold by the seller and not a Judges Guild item.

JG29-Character checklist - large scan
JG80-Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green 3 -3rd printing Large/small scan
JG0111-Mines of Custalcon 2-2nd printing Large scan
JG0300-Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches -large scan
JG210-Inferno -large scan
JG460-BookofRuins -Large scan
Universal Fantasy:
JG66-Sea Steads and Wave Riders 1-1st printing Large scan
JG104-Village book II 2- 2nd printing Large/small scan
JG140-Castle Book II -1st printing large/small scan
JG150-City State of the World Emperor - New page layout
JG150-Map6-CSWE_1-1st printing Large/small scan
JG150-City-CSWE_1-1st printing Large/small scan
JG840-Prey of Darkness-large page
JG990-TheBookofTreasureMapsIII- Large scan
JG1100-Caves and Caverns -large page
JG78-Log Book 2- 2nd printing Large/small scan
JG0410-Astrogator's Chartbook 1 - 1st printing Large scan
JG0480-FiftyStarbases- Large scan
Other games:
JG850-RatonaStick- Large scan
JG930-StarSilverTrek - Large scan
JG30-TegelManor-Reduced Judges map- Large scan
Misc Items:
JG35-Monstrous Compendium Sheet-large scans front/back


A couple of NEW items in this update including the 1st printing of Modron, as well as a lot of auction prices.

JG34-Modron - small & large scan of 1st printing
JG61-Island Book I -small & large scan of 2nd printing
JG95-Survival of the Fittest-small & large scan of 2nd printing
JG300-Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches -small & large scan of 1st printing book 2
JG87-Character Codex-small & large scan of 2nd printing
Universal Sci-Fi:
JG1110-Imperial Infantry Squad-large scan
Misc Items:
Guidelines Booklets - New Page
Guidelines Booklet K -small & large scan


Several interesting bits of information in this update including a peak at several of the Dungeon tac cards,also many pages have auction prices added. Donations so far = AU$170.00
I would like to thank again those that have sent donations as well as those that have bought items that i am selling and to several of you that have wished me well.

The following pages have major changes.

Misc Items:
JG2-Dungeon Tac Cards - Several scans added
Universal Fantasy:
JG16-City State Booklet J -Small & Large scans
JG48-Wilderlands of High Fantasy -Small &Large scans of the 1st print
JG93-Under the storm giant's castle -Large scan of the 2nd print
JG109-Operation Ogre -changed scan of 2nd print and added 3rd print info/scan
Dungeon maps I1-5 - Small scan
Dungeon maps J1-4 - Small scan


Several bits of new information has been added as well as more auction prices, I have also decided to sell my RPG collection so check it out and see if there is something you like.

The following pages have major changes.

JG61-Island Book I 2nd- Large scan
JG118-Sword of Hope - Large scan
JG119-Tower Of Ulission -Large scan
JG117-Temple of Ra Accursed by Set 2nd - Large scan
JG670-House on Hangman's Hill - Large scan
Universal fantasy:
JG37-First Fantasy Campaign - large scan
JG150-CSWE_1 - added 2 different covers?
JG550-Field Guide to Encounters Vol1&11 - Large scans
JG1030-Pirates of Hagrost - large scan
JG110-judges guild journal 17 - scan


Minor changes all over the place mostly printing dates and auction bids, i have removed the banners that i placed as these will not help with funds if i loose my courtcase .I have added a separate link for JG14-Original Ready Ref Sheets, i am still looking for several charts that came with it as the sealed version i got where missing them :) I am still looking for information on the D&D content of items JG11 & JG13. Donations so far = AU$50.00

The following pages have major changes.

JG14-Original Ready Ref Sheets - D&D New
JG67-Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde - D&D
Catalogs - Misc items
Guildmember Subscription - Misc items
Initial package - Misc items
JG11-Special Starter Package - Misc items
JG13-Deluxe Fantasy Package - Misc items


The following pages have been updated.

Misc items
JG2-Dungeon Tac Cards
Universal Fantasy
JG12-City State of the Invincible Overlord
JG28-Judges Shield
JG150-City State of the World Emperor
JG1200-City State of Tarantis
JG62-Revised City State of the Invincible Overlord
JG93-Under the storm giant's castle
Other Games
JG380-Duck Pond
JG220-Legendary Duck Tower
JG170-Runequest Shield


I have added some links to Amazon and Moviegoods, the links to books and movies in the links section give me 15% from those sales. And as you can see i have taken the yellow background away :) Minor changes all over the place but below have added descriptions:

JG580-Break in at Three Kilometer Island
JG540-Nightmare Maze of Jigresh


The following pages have been updated and i have also added a page with regards to my back injury and the way the court case will end up(it does not look good).

JG27-Tegel Manor
JG52-The Thieves of Fortres Badabaskor
JG55-GenCon IX Dungeon
JG76-The Dragon Crown
JG80-Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green
JG88-Dark Tower
JG560-Portals of Irontooth
JG770-Portals of Twilight
Universal Fantasy:
JG680-The Tower of Indomitable Circumstance


I have added a guestbook. The following pages have added information.All the large scans that i have are now working. If there are any link that don't work then please let me know.

JG48-Wilderlands of High Fantasy
JG67-Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde
JG92-Wilderlands of the Magic Realm
JG111-Mines of Custalcon
JG150-City State of the World Emperor
JG300-Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches
JG440-Temple Book I
JG550-Field Guide to Encounters Vol1&11 (original link working)


The first upload was a complete flop, LOL i found out why it is not uploading, haveing spaces in the file names don't work :) Well all seems good, i have not added the large scans at this time(check back in 1-2 days)


Welcome to what i hope to be the definitive sauce of judges guild products,After loosing faith in the first choice for a web host i have chosen Tripod(it's better then nothing)althought there is still alot of information that needs to be gathered and that is where you come in,if you have something that is not here or if you see something that is wrong then please let me know. When sending in scans please make sure they are under 100kb, there are some that i scaned but i am not that good and they are not clear(feel free to send in better ones).Anyone that sends in new information will if they wish have there name placed on the page with this new info.

one more thing, when placeing JG items on ebay please use "Judges Guild" in the description to make them easer to find.

I would like to thank the following

Afterglow's Non-TSR List - For allowing me to use alot of the JG info from his site.

Judges' Guild - For just comming back to us :)

2 last things:
1.Not all thumnails are working
2.It is hard to get individual prices when most items are sold in lots(this is good tho)
so there are several auctions that have no prices.

Why! I received an injury to my lower back at work, the insurance company refuses to pay(even in Australia there scum),the scans i had done last week show that i have a trapped nerve which is causing all my pain, i just hope that the nerosurgeon(that's going to cost some) will be able to free it. But anyway i have had alot of spare time(although not much on the computer)and i got tired of knowing nothing about the several judges guild books that i have had in my collection for several years,I deceded to find out more info both for me and for all Role-Players.So i hope what i have created makes many people happy :)


This is when i first thought of doing this site and stared collecting inforamation.