JG88-Dark Tower  By Paul Jaquays


A 72-page AD&D scenario, including four detailed dungeon levels, a village, and other items: new monsters and artifacts, the history of the area, and more. An ancient evil has overtaken a once holy shrine; thus, a sleepy mountain hamlet becomes the focal point for strange disappearances and even stranger legends. Dark Tower is one of our best-selling newer items and is an excellent value for the price. It has been especially designed and officially approved for use with AD&D.

Got rave reviews back in those days, and is one of the more sought-after items from the guild today

Printing date supplid by T.S. McDuffie

Printing Information

1st Printing:(1980) 72 pages


Auction History

M:$28.67(3/01), G:$4.49(3/01), VG:$12.99(3/01), G:$11.00(4/01), VG:$10.50(4/01),

SW:$46.75(4/01), G:$17.25(5/01), VG:$10.16(5/01), VG:$22.51 (5/01), F:$18.51 (5/01)

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Dark Tower