JG117-Temple of Ra Accursed by Set  By Thomas and Edward McCloud


An AD&D adventure through an Egyptian-style temple, desecrated long ago by evil forces. Adventuring parties now wander it, searching for loot, and the forces of good have also entered to protect the ancient relics and restore the balance. Several new monsters are prominently featured in this 16-page booklet. The temple was originally set up for play in three-dimensional form for use with 25mm lead miniatures; instructions are provided to the Judge so that it can be set up that way. This is a nice quick adventure for a single evening, but is capable of being worked into a larger campaign as the Judge desires. The playing aid has been approved for use with AD&D.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??) Product number in background in lower left corner.

2nd Printing:(19??) Product number in yellow square in lower right corner.


Auction History

1st: VG: $7.00 (3/01), G: $10.60 (4/01)

2nd: G:$6.50(5/01), NM:$24.99 (6/01)

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Temple of Ra (1st)

Temple of Ra (2nd)