JG260-Portals of Torsh By Rudy Kraft


The first book in the "Portals series". A 48-page book detailing an area reachable only through the use of Teleportation devices called "Portals". It includes considerable History and Economic description of the area, one town of Lizardmen and another of Humans, and several adventures including a Lizard Wizard's Tower. Also included are Monster Lairs, Wilderness descriptions, Wandering Monster tables and major Character descriptions. Portals of Torsh can easily be fitted into any campaign, and is suitable for mid-level characters. This playing aid has been created and approved for use with AD&D.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??) Black and White Cover.

2nd Printing:(19??) Color Cover.


Auction History

2nd: EX:$13.00(5/01)

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Portals of Torsh(1st)

Portals of Torsh(2nd)