JG570-Quest for Lara's Tower by Kevin Nunn


A 16-page book featuring a Tower once owned by a beautiful Magic user, but presently inhabited by a foul horde of evil creatures, monsters and treasures abound throughout the Tower. Are you brave and strong enoght to regain Lara's Tower, or will you succumb to the evil luring there? Designed and approved for use with AD&D

Description supplied by the 1982 Judges Guild Catalog.

Printing Information

1st Printing:(1981)


Auction History

SW:$3.00(2/01), SW:$1.00(3/01), M:$6.50(3/01), G:$2.25(3/01), SW:$5.50(3/01),

SW:$7.50(3/01), M:$7.00(4/01), M/SW:$6.00(4/01), M:$6.50(4/01), M:$6.50(5/01), VG$5.50(5/01), M:$6.50(5/01), M:$5.00 (6/01), M:$5.00(6/01)

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Quest for Lara's Tower