JG27-Tegel Manor   By Bob Bledsaw


A huge haunted house with a 17"x22" Judges map and a 11"x17 Players map, printed on both sides, brown on high-quality tan stock. Each map has the manor printed on one side and the surrounding wildernes on the other. Enclosed in the product is a 32-page booklet with room and monster descriptions. Over 240 rooms and chambers include a hall of magic portraits and four secret dungeon levels beneatht the manor. The booklet also has tables to create magic statues, ghostly encounters, resurrection results, and more. Tegal Manor has always been one of our more popular playing aids, and has been a lot of fun for Judges and players all over the country.

Writen by supplid by T.S. McDuffie

Printing Information

Installment L:(1977) Printed in half size with an orange cover, the booklet is labeled Guidelines Booklet L. Came with Judges guild Journal L (3). 24 pages

1st Edition:(1977) Printed on standard size paper, black and white cover.

2nd Edition:(1980) Color cover insert.


Auction History

1st: NM: $31.00 (3/01), VG: $14.00 (3/01), M:$15.50 (4/01), G:$44.00(6/01)

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Tegel Manor (1st)

Tegel Manor (2nd)

Tegel Manor (3rd)