JG34-Modron  By Bob Bledsaw & Gary Adams


Two maps, printed on both sides in brown ink on high-quality tan stock, an 11"x17" Judges map and a 8.5"x11" player map. Each map details the village of Modron on one side and an underwater adventure scenario on the other. The playing aid also has a newly revised 16-page booklet describing the various taverns, shops and open markets of the village's background, shark and sea monster tables, pearl details, underwater encounters, and non-player characters galore. There are special conditions on each street, which can generate special encounters.


Printing Information

1st Edition:(1977) labeled as Guidelines Booklet M,Blue cover came with Judges guild Journal M(4). 16 Pages

2nd Edition, 1st printing:(1977/80?) Man on cover has green shirt and red gloves, maps are provided seperately.

2nd Edition,2nd printing:(19??) Man on cover has orange shirt and brown gloves, maps seperately.

2ndedition, 3rd printing: (19??) Man on cover has orange shirt and brown gloves, maps are part of the booklet.


Auction History

2nd: NM:$5.50(4/01)

3rd: G:$2.75(3/01) , VG:$2.75(3/01), NM:$6.50(3/01), VG:$3.99(5/01), NM:$4.28 (5/01), EX:$3.99(6/01)

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Modron (1st)

Modron (2nd)

Modron (3rd)

Modron (4th)