JG52-The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor By ?


A 32-page booklet based on an adventure in the wilderness stronghold of a band of brigands. This includes the background and statistics of an evil local diety, plus history, maps, and keyed room descriptions of a five-level dungeon carved out of the side of a mountain. The first three levels are fairly easy and suitable for breaking in new and inexperienced players; but the lower two are far tougher, and include a cavern that has a series of four dragon dens, indicative of the difficulty of the lower levels. Fortress Badabaskor is quite suitable for addition into a campaign; it is done in our City State format but may be inserted anywhere in the wilderness


Printing Information

Instalment P:(1978) Orange cover.

2nd Edition:(1978) Cover with red sky, light brown grass and light yellow lettering

3rd Edition:(1978?) Cover with pink sky, gray grass and blue lettering

4th Edition:(1980) Orange sky with green grass and black lettering

5th Edition:(1981) Purple and blue sky, tan grass and black lettering



Auction History

1st: G:$8.50 (3/01), G/VG: $9.99 (4/01)

5th: VG: $5.51 (1/01), M:$5.50(4/01), G:$5.50 (4/01), G:$4.25(4/01), NM:$6.49(6/01)

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Fortress Badabaskor (1st)

Fortress Badabaskor (2nd)

Fortress Badabaskor (3rd)

Fortress Badabaskor (4th)

Fortress Badabaskor (5th)