JG55-GenCon IX Dungeon By Bob Blake


The official D&D tournament dungeon for GenCon IX(1976), this 32-page booklet contains maps, room keys, hit sheets and time record sheets for two separate mini-dungeons, the two rounds of the contest. Five pre-rolled characters are also provided. The adventure takes place in a world roughly similar to that of the Celtic mythos. An ancient wizard of indeterminable age and skill sends the adventurers to Baldemar Castle, to win the Staff of Albalon. This playing aid has been created and approved for use with D&D.

This modules were independently published by Bob Blake prior to their publication by Judges
Guild.There are 2 versions: Red cover, Green Cover. The only difference that where noted was on the inside pages of the green cover are numbered.

Pre Judges guild release info supplied by T.S. McDuffie

Printing Information

1st Edition:(1978) Original printing with monochrome cover (of a castle with a dragon peering out the front gate?)

2nd Edition:(19??) Reprint with color cover insert, backside of loose page shows JG stock list circa 1981. The artwork is signed KS-80.


Auction History

2nd: SW: $7.00 (3/01), EX:$8.00 (3/01), NM:$3.25(6/01)

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GenCon IX Dungeon (1st)

GenCon IX Dungeon (2nd)