JG61-Island Book I By Bill Davis and Bob Bledsaw


A 64-page booklet which includes 48 pages of small island groups and atolls for adventuring: passing ships, damaged by storms, may drop anchor here for repairs or be breached on the rocks, marooning their crewman; or it may be the stronghold of pirates, the sanctuary of a secret religion, or a coven of witches. Included are three pages of charts for generating island terrain, natives and encounters, mysterious finds, and even volcanic eruptions. Ideal for insertion into a campaign expanding into maritime traffic and trade. The islands are mapped on hex grids in light gray for additions and changes by the Judge. A Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, approved for use with D&D.


Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??) Black and White cover. Has woman on the cover.

2nd Edition:(19??) Black and White cover. Now has a serpent being followed by a boat.

3rdd Edition:(19??) Color cover.Same look as 2nd.



Auction History

2nd: NM: $10.50 (3/01), NM:$9.99(5/01)

3rd: EX:$4.99(6/01)

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Island Book I (1st)

Island Book I (2nd)

Island Book I (3rdd)