JG62-Revised City State of the Invincible Overlord   By?


A giant, revised, 80-page booklet covering the myraid shops, taverns, inns, temples, and barracks of the classic City-State. Long a favorite of D&D Judges and one of our best-selling items ever since it was first printed, the City-State includes two 22x34 maps (one Judge, one Player) of the great walled City, plus 4 dungeon levels under the City and 5 levels of Sunstone Caverns. Also shown in all its Dwarven glory is Thunderhold, one of the northern allies of the Overlord with Judge and Player Maps for it too. Incredibly detailed right down to the statistics and character of each barmaid and the latest rumor she has heard, this product forms the basis of the Judge's Campaign, providing the base of operations for player adventures. Indeed, the City itself is an adventure. The center-piece of the Judges Guild Campaign Universe, this Playing Aid has been Created and Approved for use with D&D.

Both the 1st and 2nd Printing have Approved for use with Dungeons & Dragons on the cover, but the 3rd is clearly marked as Universal playing aid.

Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??) Red background with white lettering, this seems to be the earlier version of the two, I say seems, cause my second printing copy comes with a JG item list that lists no releases after Village Book I.

2nd Printing:(1978) Brown/grayish background with red lettering.

3rd Printing:(1978) Green background with red lettering.

4thPrinting:(1999) Blue background with angled scroll on cover.

Auction History

1st: G:$26.00 (4/01), NM:$42.75 (4/01)

2nd: M:$20.50(3/01)

4th: M:$20.00(6/01)

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Revised City State (1st)

Revised City State (2nd)

Revised City State(3rd)

Revised City State(3rd)