JG67-Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde By Bob Bledsaw and Mark Holmer


Four 17"x22" maps (2 Judge, 2 Player) printed on both sides of high-quality brown pebble-grain stock, giving each set a total of four hex-grid maps of the wilderness areas of Lenap, Elphand Lands, Desert Lands, and the Sea of Five Winds. This product includes a 32-page booklet on the villages, populations, leaders, technological levels, citadels and castles, wilderness monster lairs, and resources of the area. The second of our wilderness series, this covers the settlements of Lenap, Tlan and the six Holy Cities of the Shifting Dunes. This playing aid extends the areas already covered on to the west. Campaign maps 7-10.

Maps include:
Campaign Map #7-Desert Lands
Campaign Map #8-Sea of Five Winds
Campaign Map #9-Elphard Lands
Campaign Map #10-Lenap

Info and scan of 1st edition supplied by Wayne Mitchell

Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??) Monochrome Cover.Single warrior on horseback.With a blue saddle and sky.Came with Guildmember subscription.

2nd Edition:(1978) Monochrome Cover.Single warrior on horseback.

3rd Edition:(19??) Color Cover.Warrior is sitting on a rock.

Auction History

2nd: EX:$61.00(3/01), EX:$26.00 (5/01), NM:$10.00 (5/01)

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Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde(1st)

Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde(2nd)

Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde(3rd)