JG92-Wilderlands of the Magic Realm By Mark Holmer with Bob Bledsaw


Four 17"x22" maps (2 Judge, 2 Player) printed on both sides of high-quality brown pebble-grain stock, giving each set a total of four hex-grid maps of the wilderness areas of Ament Tundra, Ghinor, Isles of the Blest, and the Ebony Coast. There are over 300 islands detailed on the maps and described in the accompanying 48-page booklet, which also covers the area's resources, wilderness monster lairs, villages and castles, technological levels, civilizations and more. The third of our wilderness series, the Magic Realm covers the settlements of Oricha and Chim and extends the areas already covered to the south, far into the vast reaches of the Sea of Five Winds. It has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.
Maps 11 12 13 14

It is the rarest release in the Wilderlands series and commends a lot of money. The 1st printing has the same cover as "Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches" this looks like it was changed to stop any confusion with later printings.

2 printings where sold with Judges Guild Journal :
? print-Comes with Judges Guild Journal Installment V (#13)
2nd print-Comes with Judges Guild Journal Installment W (#14) Maps 11/14 Player&Judges

Maps include:
Campaign Map #11-Ghinor
Campaign Map #12-Ebony Coast
Campaign Map #13-Isles of the Blest
Campaign Map #14-Ament Tundra


Printing Information

1st Printing:(19??) Black and White cover with tinges of blue.

2nd Printing:(19??) Product code and price at the bottom.

3rd Printing:(1979) 48 pages. Has "approved for use with Dungeons & dragons", product nember is in the bottom left

4th Printing:(1980) Now has "official campaign approved for Dungeons & dragons",product number is in box lower right


Auction History

2nd: G: $26.00 (2/01)

4th: G: $4.99 (3/01)

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Magic Realm (1st)

Magic Realm (2nd)

Magic Realm (3rd)

Magic Realm (4th)