JG111-Mines of Custalcon  By Bryan Hinnen


Includes Mini-dungeon, Histories, Descriptions, NPCs, Maps, and Tables for two villages and 476 square miles of wilderness.
A 48-page booklet with full-color cover, the first of a new "Wilderness Series" of playing aids that maps in great detail the Judges Guild's City State wilderness area, using the Campaign Hexagon System. Twenty-two five-mile hexes, covering over 476 square miles of wilderness, are mapped out, as are the two villages in this area, Byrny and Trollslore. Keyed shops, inns and taverns, as well as histories and ways of life of these villages are provided. Wilderness encounter tables and a three-level mini-dungeon in the ancient mines of a lost civilization beneath Trollslore are also included. This is one of our more popular new playing aids, and has been created and officially approved for use with D&D.


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2ND: VG: $11.50 (2/01)

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Mines of Custalcon (1st)

Mines of Custalcon (2nd)