JG420-The Unknown Gods By ?


illustrated 48-page booklet contains complete statistics and comprehensive descriptions of 83 gods. Dorak, the God of Peace; Grismal, Guardian of the Underworld; Suthak, the Goddess of Fertility; Kuvartma, God of the Moon, and many many more.


Printing Information

1st Printing:(1980)


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VG: $1.29 (3/01), F:$4.99 (3/01), SW:$4.00 (3/01), NM/SW:$6.50(4/01), N/M $9.50 (4/01), M:$3.00(4/01), SW:$2.10(5/01), VG:$1.00(5/01), G:$15.65(6/01), NM:$15.50(6/01), EX:$17.51(6/01), VF:$1.00(6/01)

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The Unknown Gods