Guildmember Subscription  


There where at least 6 different types of guildmember subscription available.

Basic-Initial package & 5 Installments
Associate-Includes the Judges Shield as the first sent item plus the next 6 issues/Installments.
Seven issue Subscription-Includes the next 7 issues only
Catch up Subscription-Includes the last 4 issue, just published, Plus the next 6 issues.
City State Catch up Subscription- Includes the last 4 issue that werejust published and a City State Play aid (JG12) plus the next 6 issues.
Advanced Guildmember Subscription-Includes the City State Play aid (JG12) as the first sent item, plus the next 6 issues.

It is unknown at this time how these where put together eg. Sealed in brown envelope or clear plastic.

Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??)


Auction History