Miscellaneous items                         
Code   Title
 JG2  Dungeon Tac Cards (a set of 140 cards with tables, monsters etc.)
 JG5  Six Charts - 5 Men Attack; 1 Monster Attack
 JG6  Six Charts - 5 Chainmail; 1 Monster Attack
 JG7  Six Monster Attack Charts
 JG11  "Special Starter Package" - D&D plus Guildmember Subscriptions
 JG13  Deluxe Fantasy Package (item JG12 + D&D + dice set)
 JG29  Six Character Checklists
 JG35  Three Monstrous Statistics Compendium Sheets (Front)
 JG35  Three Monstrous Statistics Compendium Sheets (Back)
 JG36  Character Chronicle Cards
 JG40  Judges Guild T-Shirt: Adult
 JG41  Judges Guild T-Shirt: Children
 JG42  Judges Guild Member Button
 JG100  TREK-80 (for use with the TRS-80)
 JG1000  Lurid Lairs - this item is rumoured to be a compilation of prior JG releases, however, there is no evidence this thing exists!
 JG1070  Inns and Taverns (does not exist!)
 JG1230  The Book of Amulet and Talismans, which never saw a release, and was only announced.
   Judges Guild Catalogs
   Initial package
   Guildmember Subscription
   Guidelines Booklets