JG13-Deluxe Fantasy Package  By ?


The Deluxe Fantasy Package contains the following items:

Most of the Intitial package:
JG1-34x44 City map (4sections)
JG3- Initial GL-Booklet I (16 pages)
JG4-17x22" Players map (1section)
JG5-Six Charts - 5 Men Attack; 1 Monster Attack
Thunderhold installment
-JG15-Thunderhold/Sumstone Caverns 11x17" & Players map of Thunderhold
-JG16-GL Booklet J (12 pages) & Read Ref Chart J-5
-JG17-Dungeon Levels J 1-4
JG10-guide to the city state
D&D ?
Multi sided dice set

It is unknown at this time how these where put together eg. Sealed in brown envelope or clear plastic.

Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??)


Auction History

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Deluxe Fantasy Package