JG48-Wilderlands of High Fantasy  By Bill Owen and Bob Bledsaw


Six 17"x22" maps (three Judge, three Player) printed on high-quality brown pebble-grain stock. In each three map set two are printed on both sides, giving each set a total of five hex-grid maps of the wilderness areas of the City State. Valley of the Ancients, Valon, Tarantis, and the Barbarian Altanis. This playing aid includes s 32-page booklet on the villages, populations, leaders, technological levels, citadels and castles, and wilderness monster lairs of these areas. The first of our wilderlands series, this covers the settlements of the City State of the Invincible Overlord, Tegel Manor, Modron, Thunderhold, and Haghill. This Playing Aid has been Created and Approved for use with D&D. Maps 1 2 3 4 5

First Printing has 2 books:
Book 1-Unkown if sold with book2 or seperatly
Book 2-Unkown if sold with book1 or seperatly

Maps include:
Campaign map#1-City State of Invinsible Overlord
Campaign map#2-Barbarian Atlantis
Campaign map#3-Valley of Ancients
Campaign map#4-Tarantis
Campaign map#5-Valon

Printing Information

1st Edition:(19??) Two 16-page booklets, black and white cover.

2nd Edition:(19??) One 32-page booklet, black and white cover. ?

3rd Edition:(1977?) One 32-page booklet, color cover insert.Looks like printing 2. ?

4th Edition:(19??) One 32-page booklet, color cover insert.Does not have the words "Dungeons & dragons" at the bottom or the product code. ?



Auction History

1st: F:$10.00 (3/01), G:$10.50 (5/01)

4th: M: $10.50 (2/01), M:$20.50 (4/01), G: $31.00 (4/01)

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High Fantasy Book 1 (1st)

High Fantasy Book 2 (1st)

High Fantasy (2rd?)

High Fantasy (3th?)

High Fantasy (4th?)